Tucks After Dark

Sometimes you get asked to do something a little out of your comfort zone. Skiing on Mt Washington at night is way out of my comfort zone. But when Andrew Drummond asked me to shoot photos of him skiing in the bowl after dark I jumped on the idea. 

We had some equipment issues. Andrew dropped a headlamp down the headwall and still managed to find it. He then broke part of his ski binding and still managed to ski an icy run in the dark with the broken binding. He eventually took my boots and skis for his final run. 

We didn't end up capturing exactly what I had hoped for because of equipment issues but it made for a memorable night in the mountains and a great learning experience. 

Backcountry Touring on Mt Washington

Between extreme avalanche risk, illness and poor snow conditions, Andy Elliott and I have gotten skunked on quite a few backcountry ski trips this year. 

But last week made it all worth it. The snow wasn't perfect; heavy and wet down low, icy in the middle and super firm wind slab up top. But with some gorgeous blue skies and an empty ravine it made for a spectacular day in the backcountry. 

Andy and I climbed and skied Right Gully and Sluice in Tuckerman Ravine. These are some of the images I captured. 

Fatty Fest 2017-Frostbite Alert

I love shooting for Loco Cycling. They put on some of the finest cycling events I've ever been to. This year's Fatty Fest was no exception. The finely groomed trails at Waterville Valley's Nordic Center were fast and grippy. But these were definitely the coldest conditions In which I've ever had to operate a camera. 

Negative 6 degrees with a nice does of windchill on top. A wild contrast from only two weeks before when the had to be postponed because of 60+ degree weather making the trails unridable. This was the first time I've ever had a camera stick to my face from being so cold. 

But as always, happy to be out there with great people. 


2016 Jingle Bell Half

Had another day of seasonal (think cold) but beautiful weather at this year's Jingle Bell Half Marathon at the Atkinson Country Club. Presented by Loco Running

I've been having so much fun shooting with my Sony A7II and Zeiss Lenses. 

Kremples King of The Road Challenge 2016

Another awesome event put on by Loco Cycling. Unfortunately, Ted King was unable to ride in the event this year. Apparently, he crashed a biked. Doh! But he was a great host for the event as he has always been.

Tons of happy riders, good roads, great foliage and beer! 

2016 Raid Lamoille

It's always a treat to be able to travel up to Stowe, Vermont and photograph on an awesome course. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate with bluebird skies and crisp dry roads again this year. Instead we had a lot of rain and mud. 

Raid Rockingham 2016

My second favorite event to shoot every year. Hard, gritty and local. The ride starts only a short way from my home in Newmarket and finishes at The Stone Church. I get to see a bunch of the local riders crushing it on the best gravel and tarmac in the area. 

This year gave us a nice little rain storm that started just before the first riders took off and held steady until just before I left for the day.

I made all of the wide shots with my Sony A7II. It was an experiment to see how it would perform for the type of sports photography that I often shoot. While it worked it wasn't perfect. I plan to write a review about my experience with the camera (someday). 

Vermont-Memorial Day

Vermont has grown on me in the past few years. I used to dismiss it as inferior to New Hampshire. It didn't have Cannon cliff, Cathedral, ocean, the 4,000 footers. 

While it doesn't have those things it does have exceptional mountain biking and extensive views. Everywhere you turn you're confronted with spectacular scenery. 

The mountain top landscapes in some of these photos were taken on Mount Mansfield. It was a holiday-weekend-saturday and consequently we had to squeeze our way past some crowds. But the farms and fields you see in the other photos were found in Plainfield, past the reach of the crowds, only a couple minutes from RT 2. I shot some of them in the morning while walking my dog, Mose. Not a single car passed us in the 40 minutes we were on the road. 

Try finding that kind of quiet in southern New Hampshire. 

Great Bay Half 2016

Had another amazing day photographing the Great Bay Half Marathon presented by LOCO Sports

Gunks, April 2016

I spent a couple days in the Gunks with Ian Wauchope and Adam Bidwell. They can both climb way harder than I can and graciously dragged me around the cliff. 

Fattyfest 2016

Originally meant to run at Stratham Hill Park, this year's event was postponed a week and finally done at Gunstock Nordic Center in Gilford, NH. Exceptionally groomed trails made for a fast course with some cyclocross style turnarounds and slaloms thrown in for fun. 

Hosted by LOCO Cycling and Acidotic Racing.

Jingle Bell Half Marathon

Shot a half Marathon by Loco Sports in mid-December. Almost everybody was in T-shirts! Super-fun event with a lot of happy runners and dry roads!

Harborside Half Marathon

So many great locations along this brand new race from Loco Sports


Vermont 2015

This year I was lucky enough to head up to Stowe, Vermont to shoot two events: Raid Lamoille and the Stowe 8 Miler. Awesome events in an amazing setting. Hot air balloons made an appearance!

Wild River

Had a fun day out at Wild River Crag in Evans Notch. Got to see some of the local crushers at their finest.

Raid Rockingham 2015!

I had a blast shooting another Raid Rockingham this year. Biggest turnout yet. Hundreds of riders enjoying the dirt roads, rail trails and amazing scenery that Rockingham county has to offer. Even a few fat bikes out there! http://lococycling.com/

Tropicana at Rumney

I had the distinct pleasure of climbing with Andy Elliot and Steve Thunstrom at Rumney this past week. Andy gave us the beta spray down on Tropicana (5.11a). Fun pitch!