And now for something completely different

I went for a walk around the house today with my camera. There's so much here to photograph and I've shot so little of it. I need to get out there more. In a small parcel of land that was turned into a Wildlife Management Area just up the road from me, there's an open field. The snow in the field has been sculpted by the wind and created some very interesting patterns.

Also in the field is a very old tree. On one of the limbs someone installed a swing ages ago. The wooden seat has long since disappeared and only the rusty chains remain. I shot this with my wide angle lens and wasn't pleased with the results. I decided that it needed a shallow depth of field to make the chains pop. I went back later and shot it with my 50mm f/1.4 and I'm happy with the results.

It's not often that I shoot abstract photos. I have a hard time finding the value in them. Abstract, story telling images are something I'd like to work with more and improve upon.