Summer is upon us

Summer is kinda here, maybe not officially, although I haven't checked the specifics to confirm. In any case, it hasn't snowed for about a month. Good. I've got all kinds of stuff on my agenda for the warmer bits of the year: landscapes, tons of sports photography and a bit of video; some new, some old. To ring in the latest change of season, here's a picture of a tree:

Used my Elinchrom Ranger with an umbrella reflector to backlight it. Found a nice ambient exposure, pumped up the power on the strobe to elevensies to keep the aperture as closed down as was practical. Didn't want too long of a shutter speed to avoid motion blur from the wind.

Had some issues with the pocket wizards I was using. 1600 foot range: bullshit. Even after I pulled the pack out from behind the tree to bring it within "sight" of the camera and its transmitter I still only got about 40 or so feet of working distance. And even then, it would miss every third or fourth frame. I used CS5's content aware fill to remove the pack from the shot.