Mt. Moosilauke is one of the more interesting climbs in the White Mountains. Its bare peak offers magnificent 360 degree views but it's also typically ravaged by powerful winds. My first time summiting Moosilauke greeted me with 40+ mile per hour winds. My second time, during the winter, the winds were similar and visibility was under 50 feet. Staying on the trail was difficult. The tracks from my snowshoes on the way up disappeared before I could make my way back down the trail. This latest hike up Moosilauke was far different. The winds were fairly calm, the sun was out and it was nice and warm. A far cry from the conditions I met up there in the past.

I've done quite a lot more hiking this summer than I expected. Hopefully I'll keep it up so I can knock out more winter ascents of the 4,000 footers this year.

Moosilauke, adventure, Dustin MarshallMoosilauke, landscape, Dustin Marshall