Muscongus Bay, Part Two

The trip began like any other. I forced Dylan to wake up far earlier than he wanted. He had worked the previous day but still managed to do all of his shopping and packing just a few hours before we left. He showed up with one box of instant oatmeal, one box of Easy Mac, 12 Cliff Bars and one Gatorade bottle of an unknown liquid. Dylan grabbed the bottle and while tossing it in the back of my car said, "This isn't Gatorade." "Is it piss?" I asked timidly. "Nope. Twenty five dollars of whisky." I feared the worst.

Well equipped with food and liquor, we set out, stopping at a pharmacy on the way to pick up cheap sunglasses and some water for Dylan. The only sunglasses they had were pink women's sunglasses or kid's glasses. We each bought a pair and a case of bottled water. We continued onwards.

The rest of the drive up was uneventful save for one missed turn and Dylan's uncanny ability to flood the car with strange body odors. Dylan suggested we stop somewhere to get scuba knives for killing sharks. We didn't find a place and Dylan seemed upset. When we got to Round Pond, Maine, we pulled into what we thought was the town with free parking. It was actually some other unknown boat ramp but we would be able to park the car on the side of the road a little ways away. Dylan and I spent the next 45 minutes unloading everything from the car and cramming it all into the boats. Not an easy task but we managed.

After carrying the boats down to the water, we set out. After getting a small ways into the harbor I decided to do a roll. I had never rolled a loaded boat. With all the weight in it, I had to really struggle to get the boat all the way inverted and it seemed to take forever to do so. Luckily, it practically rolled up on its own. One less thing to worry about.

We paddled over to Loud's island and stumbled across a pair of hot chicks in bikinis on a beach. The trip was off to a good start. We followed the shore of the island south to Bar Island. The shore was rocky and covered in seaweed. We decided not to land and explore the island. We continued onwards to Little Marsh island. This was where we supposed to spend the night so we struggled out of the boats despite the landing conditions being far worse than Bar Island.

Little Marsh island is puny. The only spot suitable for a campsite had an anthill in the middle of it. I snapped a couple photos and then we got the hell out of there.

Dylan and I headed up to Thief Island. The island was large, plenty to explore. It had a number of wooded tent sites which meant I'd be well separated from Dylan's funk. It even had a picnic table! After spending a few minutes on the island we realized that we weren't alone. Moles infested the place, scurrying around in the bushes everywhere. But they seemed friendly and Dylan decided not to eat any.

The first day was fun. Dylan got a nasty sunburn on his shoulders despite applying loads of sunblock. He remained upset about our lack of scuba knives. Looks like he would just have to kill the sharks with his own hands.

Part Three Coming Soon