New Hampshire

Backcountry Touring on Mt Washington

Between extreme avalanche risk, illness and poor snow conditions, Andy Elliott and I have gotten skunked on quite a few backcountry ski trips this year. 

But last week made it all worth it. The snow wasn't perfect; heavy and wet down low, icy in the middle and super firm wind slab up top. But with some gorgeous blue skies and an empty ravine it made for a spectacular day in the backcountry. 

Andy and I climbed and skied Right Gully and Sluice in Tuckerman Ravine. These are some of the images I captured. 

Against The Grain: The Video

Against The Grain Woodworking from Dustin Marshall on Vimeo.

Finally, after over a month of meshing schedules and shooting short clips (and a decent amount of mountain biking) it's done.

Thanks to Tyler Beaudoin for letting me shoot him while he worked on this piece. More still images to come in the future.