Vermont-Memorial Day

Vermont has grown on me in the past few years. I used to dismiss it as inferior to New Hampshire. It didn't have Cannon cliff, Cathedral, ocean, the 4,000 footers. 

While it doesn't have those things it does have exceptional mountain biking and extensive views. Everywhere you turn you're confronted with spectacular scenery. 

The mountain top landscapes in some of these photos were taken on Mount Mansfield. It was a holiday-weekend-saturday and consequently we had to squeeze our way past some crowds. But the farms and fields you see in the other photos were found in Plainfield, past the reach of the crowds, only a couple minutes from RT 2. I shot some of them in the morning while walking my dog, Mose. Not a single car passed us in the 40 minutes we were on the road. 

Try finding that kind of quiet in southern New Hampshire.