Good To-Go Foods

Good To-Go is a blossoming company in Kittery, Maine that produces delicious dehydrated foods originally created for backpacking that are tasty enough to be eaten as everyday meals. 

Good To-Go originally approached me for a video that would act as their entry to the Green Light Maine TV series. They needed the video planned, shot, edited and delivered within a week. This quick turn-around video paved the way for future work that has scripted video stories explaining the origins of their meals to food photography expertly styled by their in house marketing team. 


Good To-Go's New Website

Good To-Go wanted updated images for their new website. The page for each meal was to have a large banner photo showing a prepared meal surrounded by key ingredients. We decided on a simple white background to easily provide consistency between meals and it would appear nice and tidy when it was displayed on a webpage. Justin at Good To-Go did an exceptional job planning and executing each the layout of each image. 



Good To-Go's foods are good enough that you don't have to wait for your next backpacking trip to enjoy them. They're great for college students eating in dorms, office lunches and anytime you wnt a delicious, healthy meal without any prep work. 

To show this, we shot some photos down in Boston. Being in the city, this material is far different than most of Good To-Go's other marketing images. We were able to partner with the Arc'Teryx Boston store to get our models some great apparel for the shoot.



In addition to the banner width meal shots, Good To-Go wanted a 30 second video that showed how delicious each meal looked when it was prepared. We also wanted to show that these meals went beyond the back country and could be supplemented with other ingredients, like fried eggs, chicken thighs and fresh herbs to name a few. Chef and Cofounder Jennifer Scism prepared each meal at her home and Good To-Go's marketing director, Justin Hagen, did the styling. 


The Elevated Kitchen

Prior to their website updates, Good To-Go was looking for a series of videos that accomplished a few things: Explained the history of the company, the story of a meal's creation, gave recipes or add-ons for meals, and finally entertained the viewer. We shot 4 episodes prior to Good To-Go needing to refocus their marketing efforts. We ended up with beginnings of a great videos series that we'll hopefully be able to continue in the future.